There are many types of business entities defined in the legal systems of various countries. These include corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, sole traders, limited liability company and other specifically permitted and labeled types of entities. The specific rules vary by country and by state or province.

Now, one aspects of how to improve your business, is that, how your business evolve, specially now we are in the “Technology Era“. Using computer or cellphone you can do business right in your fingertips, that’s how business is evolving now. So one thing for sure is, you are  thinking of online advertisement or online customer awareness, to reach your prospected client using internet.
There’s a vast of online web advertisement, but you to have take note before you go online advertisement, and my simple advice are the following:

1. Know the website you want to place advertisement.

2.  Is there any charge for doing online ads.

3. Is the website a paid website? or just a free domain name.

*Paid website are with  a domain name extension like .com, .net,.tv , .info.

*Free domain name are with a domain name extension like .tk,.ml, .ga, .cf. (in short less common extension name)

Paid website are long term site, because they put an extra business capital just to run its website online, for continues support and update in the future.

4. Make a research of a certain website before you post an ads.


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